Lewes Open Houses inspire with ideas for green living and cutting energy bills - Press release 16th October 2016

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Lewes Eco Open Houses is back after a break of two years to show off low energy sustainable homes and inspire visitors! Twelve houses and a community cinema will open their doors to the public, seven for the first time. The event will take place on the 15th,16th, 22nd and 23rd of October and has been made possible by generous funding from the Big Lottery.

The interesting range of homes on show include exciting new builds, ingenious renovations, Lewes’s new Eco B&B, and Depot community cinema which will replace Harvey’s depot, whilst keeping its familiar frontage. There are also two houses in Plumpton to demonstrate off-grid technologies as well as a pioneering PassivHaus project in the downs just outside Lewes, insulated to a standard that means it requires almost no energy to heat.

As well as their carbon emissions, all have drastically cut their electricity, gas and water bills. The organiser of the event, Neil Williams, whose house is Open for the third time this year said: “Its surprising the cumulative effect of low cost and no cost measures, coupled with trying to live more sustainably. Without spending that much it’s possible to cut energy use by 50% or more and its fascinating to see just how far you can go. By making careful investments and using available subsidies, 80 or 90% reductions are perfectly feasible” With changing weather patterns and rising energy prices these strategies can future proof your home.

All homes are free to visit, and everyone is welcome. Some houses are running tours which must be booked online: www.lewesecoopenhouses.org.uk/booking, and you can find out when the houses are open in the brochure, which is available at local shops and businesses and on the website at www.lewesecoopenhouses.org.uk/info/brochure . Visitors will see how homeowners are cutting their environmental impact, how cheap changes can make a difference to bills, and how advanced green technology- such as solar photovoltaic panels and heat pumps are transforming modern and older buildings.